Write Professional Job Descriptions

Writing Job Descriptions is a professional work. It is not writing English, there is real science around writing Job Descriptions.

Job Descriptions must clearly specify the purpose of the Job, Clarify Key Responsibilities, Key Performance  Indicators, Key Competencies required for performing the Role as well the Profile of Role Holders that is required to conduct the role in a manner that fulfills the Purpose for the which the Role exists.


Job Descriptions need to be specific

1. Purpose:  Providing clarity on why the Job exists. 

2. Key Responsibilities: Evolve Key Responsibilities from the Key Deliverable of the Job  

3. Key Competencies : Based on the Responsibilities arrive at the Key Skills

4. Key Performance Indicators: Writing Key Performance Indicators from the deliverable

5. Professional & Personal Profile: Profile that is required to enable managing the Job to achieve desired results


Job Descriptions Enable

1. The Purpose for which the job exists

2. Clarify Responsibilities to the job holder

3.  Clarification on the Key Deliverable from the Job

4. Key Skills and Competencies  required to perform the job

5. Key Performance Indicators to enable understand deliverable

6. What is profile required to assess candidates against

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