Transform Your Resume and Get One Time Assisted Job Search

Senior Member of the team facilitates writing a Performing Resume using a “Resume Writing Workout” specially designed for Senior Executives . The process looks at the following.

- Defining Roles accurately so that it is easier for readers to know what have been doing in your career.
- Identification of Competencies. This allows you to understand your skill sets based on your experience so far.
- Competency Gaps: If any are identified to make your resume complete for future jobs.
- Contributions: A thorough work is done to understand and place your contributions in various areas of leadership, which helps readers to understand quickly as to what you are capable of contributing in future.
- Length: Appropriate length for Asia Pacific and Western Countries, if you are desirous of international assignments.
- Presentation: A presentable resume is critical, a clumsy looking resume may land you in perception that you are your resume.

It takes about 5 working days or more, depending on the time you can spend on your resume writing. You should be prepared to spare time in facilitating writing resume. You will be required to invest about 10 hours on the exercise, independently.

Once you have finished with your resume, then we provide one time job search through network of top recruiters in India